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Product Detail : Supply of drugs and pharmaceutical products - printer paper roll (108x30mtr), glass cover microscopic rectangular 22x30mm made of usp no-1 glass, cover glass 22x50mm, semi auto analyser,printer paper roll for, acid hydrochloric ( 1x500ml), biofix/cytofix spray (1x125ml), ethanol (abs alcohol 1x500ml), methanol (acetone free), hiv i & ii rapid test kit, kit for estimation of cholestrol, kit for estimation of urea, kit for estimation of uric acid, kit for estimation of creatinine (4x60ml), blood agar base (1x500gm), macconkey agar (1x500), kit for estimation of triglyceride (100)(5x20ml), kit for estimation of cpk-mb (2x8ml/2x2ml), kit for estimation of calcium (50ml), bun/urea gldh method kit (5x20ml), kit for estimation of amylase (5x6.5ml), rapid card screening for hcv, pap stain ia (harris haloxylin sol), pap stain 2 b (og 6), pap stain 3 b (ea 50/36), urine strips (1 x 100 strips), xylol pure (1 x500 ml), crp kit rapid (1 x 25 test), dengue ns1, 1gg, 1gm (combo pack), dilucell pack (1 x20 ltr), esr tube disposable, gravindex test (1 x 50), malaria paracheck pv/pf (1 x 50 test), multistrips seimens 10sg, paraffin wax, ra factor kit (1 x 25 test), stain reticulocyle, stromatolyzer 500ml (sysmex), tsh (1 x 25 test), t3 (1 x 25 test), t4 (1 x 25 test), gram stain (rtu), blood culture plates (rtu), filter paper 9mm (packet of 100), blood agar plate (readymade), blood culture bottle, filter paper of large (packet of 100), petridish disposable, solvent ether, urine container, dispo needle 24g (pack of 100), afb stain, stain leishmens ready to use 500ml bott, electrolyte estimation (na + k 1 x 25 test), typhi-dot kit (1 x 30 test), serum haemagglunating anti “b”, serum haemagglunating anti “a”, serum haemagglunating anti “ab”, serum anti d, sodium hypochlorite 5%, kit for estimation of total & direct bilirubin 4x60ml (erba), cartridge for d-dimer (sd biosensor), cartridge for hba1c (sd biosensor), cartridge for hs crp (sd biosensor), cartridge for b-hcg, cartridge for urine-albumin (sd biosensor), cartridge for vitamin d (sd biosensor), high profile blade for tissue cutting, tissue embedding cassettes (plastic), tissue embedding rings (steel), tissue processing cassettes (plastic), mac con key agar plate, cled agar plate, dextrose monohydrate powder for oral use, sterile glass tube 5ml, kit for estimation of lipase 1 x 20/1 x 5ml (erba), god-pod glucose kit 2 x 200ml, rapid anti hcv kit, stromatolyser-wh, cell pack (erba), cartridge for d-dimer (sd biosensor), cartridge for hba1c (sd biosensor), cartridge for hs crp (sd biosensor), cartridge for b-hcg, cartridge for urine albumin (sd biosensor), cartridge for vitamin d (sd biosensor), tab pyridostigmine 60 mg, inj vit d3, oxygen gas capacity 7000 ltr, oxygen gas capacity 1246 ltr, oxygen gas capacity 623 ltr, nitrous oxide gas capacity 7000 ltr
Document Sale To : 15-6-2022 at 10:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Bihar - India
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Tender Closing Date : 15/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 16/06/2022 at 10:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Security Services - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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