Tender Information

Coal and Lignite Tenders | Location : Orissa (Odisha) - India (New)
Estimated Value : 287481,80,000 Closing Date : 01-06-2020
Water Storage and Supply Tenders | Location : Madhya Pradesh - India (New)
Estimated Value : 51174,00,000 Closing Date : 18-05-2020
Health Services/Equipments Tenders | Location : Rajasthan - India (New)
Supply of bupivacaine hydochloride in dextrose injectionction usp each ml contains bupivacaine hydrochloride 5.0 mg dextrose 80.0 mg [2], lignocaine and dextrose injectionction ip each ml contains lignocaine 50 mg and dextrose (monohydrate) 75 mg, morphine sulphate injectionction ip 10mg/ml, paracetamol syrup ip 125 mg/5ml (40% sugar base with strawberry flavour and carmoisine colour), hydroxyzine tabletletets ip 25 mg, carbamazepine tabletletip 200 mg (film coated) [53], carbamazepine tabletletip 100 mg (film coated) [54], sodium valproate ip injectionction 100 mg/ml, daunorubicin injectionip 20 mg [143], melphalan tabletletets ip 5 mg, levodopa and carbidopa tabletletip 250 mg+ 25 mg [161], desferrioxamine injectionction ip 500 mg / vial (for i.m. injectionand i.v., s.c. infusion), amiodarone tabletletip 100 mg [181], amiodarone tabletletip 200 mg [182], nifedipine cap ip 5mg , nitroglycerin injectionction ip 5 mg/ ml, loperamide tabletletip 2 mg [269], ondansetron injectionip 2mg/ml [273], clomifene tabletletets ip 25 mg, ethinyloestradiol tabletlet ip 50 mcg, hydroxyprogesterone injectionction ip 250mg/ ml, human anti d immunoglobulin ip 150 mcg/ human anti d immunoglobulin 150 mcg, rabies vaccine human (cell culture) ip (intradermal) 2.5 iu [306], rabies vaccine human (cell culture) ip (intramuscular) 2.5 iu/ dose, neostigmine injectionip 0.5 mg/ml [314], neostigmine tabletletets ip 15 mg, chlorpromazine tabletletets ip 100 mg (coated tabletletet), chlorpromazine injection ip 25mg/ml, haloperidol tabletletets ip 1.5 mg, potassium chloride injection ip 0.15 gm/ml [383], hyaluronidase injectionction ip each vial contains hyaluronidase ip 1500 i.u. , dextromethorphan hydrobromide syrup ip 13.5mg / 5ml[440], calcium and vitamin d3 suspension (each 5 ml contains calcium carbonate equivalent to elemental calcium 250 mg, vitamin d3 125 iu ) [441], lisinopril tabletletets ip 2.5 mg, alpha interferon injectionction interferon alpha 2 concentrated solution ip 3 million unit , dacarbazine injectionction 500 mg ip, bromocriptine tabletletets ip 2.5 mg , isoprenaline injectionction ip 2mg / ml , prazosin tabletletets (extended release) 2.5 mg, glucagon for injectionction usp 1 mg, medroxyprogesterone acetate tabletletets ip 10 mg , octreotide injectionction 50 mcg/ ml, phenylephrine eye drops ip 5%, pyridoxine tabletletet ip 10 mg [626], each combi blister pack : containing 3 tabletletet of artesunate (each tabletletet of artesunate 25 mg strength) and 1 tabletletet of sulphadoxine pyremethamine (250 mg +12.5 mg), etoricoxib tabletletets ip 90 mg, dried factor viii fraction ip (iv use) 1000 iu/vial [689], injection butorphanol tartrate usp 1mg/ml 1ml size, ketorolac tromethamine dispersible tabletletet 10 mg (each uncoated dispersable tabletletet contains ketorolac tromethamine 10 mg), tabletletlamotrigine ip 50 mg (each sustained releasetabletletet contains lamotrigine ip 50 mg), cefadroxil dispersible tabletletet 250mg (each uncoated dispersible tabletletet contain cefadroxil equivalent to anhydrous cefadroxil 250 mg), injection voriconazole 200mg/vial, capsule procarbazine hydrochloride usp 50 mg (each capsule contains procarbazine hydrochloride usp 50 mg), tabletletcapecitabletletne ip 500 mg (each film coated tabletletet contains capecitabletletne ip 500 mg), capsule temozolomide ip 100 mg (each hard gelatin capsule contains temozolomide ip 100mg), tabletletabletiraterone acetate ip 250 mg (each uncoated tabletletet contains abiraterone acetate ip 250 mg), capsule lomustine ip 40 mg (each capsule contains lomustine ip 40 mg), cap thalidomide usp 100 mg (each hard gelatin capsule contains thalidomide usp 100 mg), tabletletcyclophosphamide ip 50 mg (each sugar coated tabletletet contains cyclophosphamide ip 53.5 mg equivalent to anhydrous cyclophosphamide 50 mg), tabletletgefitinib ip 250 mg (each film coated tabletletet contains gefitinib ip 250 mg), tabletlet 6 thioguanine usp 40 mg (each uncoated tabletletet contains 6 thioguanine usp 40 mg), injection n butyl alcohol 0.26mg/5ml, citric acid 2.5mg/5ml and sod. chloride solution 5 ml size, feracrylum 1% w/w sterile solution 100 ml, tabletlet sotalol hydrochloride usp/bp 40mg (each film coated tabletletet contains sotalol hydrochloride usp/bp 40mg), injectionprochlorperazine mesylate 12.5mg/ml 5ml size, probiotic sachets 1 gm size (each gram sachet contains saccharomyces boulardii 250mg & lactic acid bacillus 150 million spores), tabletlet mesalamine usp 1.2 gm enteric coated (each enteric coated prolonged release tabletletet conatin mesalamine usp 1.2 gm), injection cis atracurium besylate 2 mg/ml in 5 ml vial, natural micronised progesteron soft gelatin capsule 200 mg (each soft gelatin capsule contains progesteron ip 200 mg), tabletletcabergoline ip 0.5mg (each uncoated coated tabletletet contains cabergoline ip 0.5mg), tabletlet acebrophylline 100 mg, tabletletphenazopyridine 5 mg, injection caffeine citrate usp 20mg/ml (equivalent to 10 mg caffeine base/ml) 3ml size, cap. vitamin e 400 mg, injectionporactant alpha 80 mg/ml in pack of 1.5 ml, levofloxacin tabletletets 500 mg.
Estimated Value : 14422,00,000 Closing Date : 20-04-2020
Power Plant Tenders | Location : Rajasthan - India (New)
Estimated Value : 12000,00,000 Closing Date : 21-04-2020
Air Transport Tenders | Location : Multi State - India (New)
Estimated Value : 10590,00,000 Closing Date : 17-04-2020
Business Consultancy Tenders | Location : West Bengal - India (New)
Estimated Value : 8884,00,000 Closing Date : 22-04-2020